Queen's Province is a region in the north west of Mercia.

The region has several locations of note but the most prominent is the capital city of Raven's Reach. From Raven's Reach you can head east where you cross The Soar river using the impressive Queen's Crossing bridge, south to Turner's Range and The Breadth, or west to Freeman's Port in Wetrock.


Raven's Reach sits on a cliff side in the north of Queen's Province where it commands a view across Mercia and the ocean. It was previous the jewel in the crown but is largely uninhabited currently due to the onset of the Plague, with many areas closed off.

Queens Crossing Bridge houses several traders, still trying to ply their wares to travellers; it is well defended by guardsmen and archers. On the west side of the bridge is a path down to the docks, where there is another merchant and guards.

Turner's Range is a large farmland a short journey to the south west of the capital with several houses available for purchase.

The Breadth is another farmland, though it contains less purchasable housing but plenty of arable land.


There are several housing options in Queen's Province, including small shacks, medium homesteads and large estates.


Most resources can be found in the region, but is typically of poorer quality, however the trade off is not having to stray to far from the safety of the city walls.

There are numerous animals to hunt that spawn in the forests around Raven's Reach, as well as the grasslands near Turner's Range and The Breadth


Bandits are common outside of Raven's Reach, with Turners Range and the forests being common encounter areas. However there are no specific bandit camps.

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