Pillage areas (or pillage zones) in The Black Death are usually camps and buildings that can be explored around the world. These are home to enemy Bandits and other hostile NPCs.

These areas are home to enemy Bandits, Outlaws and other hostile NPCs. There are containers, such as Crates and Chests to search, loot to find scattered inside these buildings, obstacles such as spiked barricades which will cause damage to you. The entrances of these places will often have barricades that you will need to break down to gain access.

Being equipped before you tackle these areas is a must for survival, if you want to make it back out in one piece and with all the loot!


Svalberg, is an area that is located in the far East in the Region of Frostfall. This area will take quite a while to venture too, so make sure that you have packed enough food, drink and torches to make the journey easier! An icy trip into the heart of Frostfall...

Svalberg 2

Abandoned Shacks & Barns

Beggar Shack

Some areas such as these enemy Beggar houses have a new type of barricade, much like the Bandit barn hideouts, they even have their own farmland plots. If you venture on their land they will not hesitate to start a brawl with you.

Bandit Barn

Abandoned Estates

Bandit Estate

This is an old Estate that is now home to Bandits! The doorway to these places will be barricaded up, these are comprised of three separate wooden planks that need to be smashed individually to break into these places, sometimes this is just a door. As there are gaps between the planks you will be able to have a peek at what enemies are camped inside as well as their loot.

Bandit Cave Hideouts

Down in the caves be sure to take a torch and a good weapon. Here lies rotting corpses, wooden crates, tables of loot and of course Bandits or deadly Beggars waiting to ambush you in the depths below.

Bandit Cave

Fortified Outposts

These areas are more fortified featuring high fences and many enemies camping inside. These places have many buildings to explore, but as the Beggars and Bandits call it their home do not expect a warm welcome when stepping foot in these areas! These are usually the hardest areas to loot as there is usually only one way in and out, so be on your guard.

Bandit Fortress
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