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This is one of the lineages, or classes, available in The Black Death.


The military is disbanded, armies aimlessly explore what's left of their country. No more money for blood, the plague has put strain on the monarchy and you are out of work. Use what you have learned as a soldier and take back what little remains from bandits, thieves and the corrupt guards. You are a tough and sturdy warrior and other professions are in awe of your combat abilities.


Completing the Militia unlocks "Knight" via the skill tree.

Militia class skill "Kick"- During combat temporarily stun players with a powerful forward kick.


Militia can learn the following skills:

  • Roasted Seeds
  • Bandages
  • Round Shield
  • Iron Polearm
  • English Warhammer
  • Militia Tunic
  • Kettle Helmet
  • Chainmail Trousers
  • Chainmail Gloves
  • Chainmail Tabbard
  • Chainmail
  • Leather
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