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This is one of the lineages, or classes, available in The Black Death.


You grew up always in awe of the knights of the realm. As soon you where old enough you left home to the big city to live with your uncle in the Royal Palace. You acted as his squire, in return he taught you the ways of the sword and shield. By his side you saw many battles. One day you and your uncle were jumped on the road, you slew the attackers but your uncle was mortally wounded. With his last breath he knighted you.


Knight class skill "Inspect Player" allows the knight to inspect a player for his "real" class (Outlaw class can change his "class" with a skill to fool unaware players) and bounty.


As of update 0.12 the Knight can learn the following skills

  • Wooden Lance (1)
  • Iron Lance (3)
  • Kite Shield (3)
  • Heavy Tabard Armour (4)
  • Heavy Knight Helm (2)
  • Claymore (5)


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