Houses are separated into Purchasable and Abounded houses.

Purchasable houses are found across the land of Mercia and vary from 750, 1250 to 4500 gold coins.

Abounded houses are found across the land of Mercia, and as the name implies, they are abounded. You can find various loot in them from food, resources to gold and dead bodies. Certain abounded houses may be guarded by bandits.

Houses need to be cleared when purchased before starting any improvements.

Door of houses CAN be destroyed by other players to steal loot from chest.

High Tier Housing:

High tier housing have been introduced to game in patch 0.14. They cost 4500 gold and are heavily protected by giant stone walls. In addition to the walls, the housing gives the players extra protection with 3 doors.

The new 0.14 update that brought this tier of houses introduced also hire able peons who can be hired to gather cotton/cloth, farm land for wheat and a bartender that sells ale and other drinks.

Housing Kits:

Housing kits are housing improvements made by players in their owned houses and most of them need to be unlocked via skills.

  • Loom
  • Campfire
  • Well
  • Bed
  • Storage Chest
  • Farmable Land
  • Churner
  • Doors Tier 1
  • Doors Tier 2
  • Doors Tier 3
  • Oven
  • Furnace
  • Tannery Rack
  • Anvil
  • Wheat Grinder
  • Workbench

Low-Cost Housing:

Low cost hoeing was introduced as a cheap alternative to low level classes such as beggar (primary). The houses come cheap of 450g but lack any defense (except doors) and have limited improvements option. They are used to safely storage your stuff, spawn if you die or just make a fireplace to cook your food or boil water.


Low-Cost Housing was introduced to The Black Death in Version V0.13

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